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n. An actractive young woman who tends to get black-out drunk and often parties too hard.
The shaussie slipped on spilt beer on the bar floor after taking another Bacardi Razz shot.
by Hutt December 08, 2008
n. A young woman that is in college to only receive her degree and find a future husband. Thinks she is too old for college activities.
The mommie scoffed at the idea of drinking on a Wednesday night instead of going to a movie.
by Hutt December 08, 2008
n. A young woman that thinks that she is too good or hot for a guy, but still flirts and flaunts herself. Often claims to have a boyfriend that lives miles away.
The cummie wore a very short skirt on campus to make young fratters jealous of what they can't have.
by Hutt December 08, 2008
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