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2 definitions by Hutsy

The practice of opening a new tab in a browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome and forgetting the intended destination.
"Oh I better go to that site I've been meaning to (email or other distraction appears) Awww man! I can't remember what site I needed to go on! Just been hit by newtabnesia :-("
by Hutsy September 21, 2011
Can be heard being shouted in the gym when pushing out that last rep. Similar to Rocky Balboa shouting "Adriaaannn!"

Has expanded in it's use to describing something that is pretty powerful or strong.
"Come on man - one last rep."
"Amissshhhh!" (Rep successfully pushed out)


"Wow man, look at that guy go"
"Yeah that is some serious Amish right there"
by Hutsy February 17, 2012