14 definitions by Hutch

Homosexual male, faggot,fag
Cojo is such a nyermp.
by HUTCH January 12, 2004
One who Sucks
Cock lots. And eats ass for a leaving.
by hutch September 01, 2003
1. to fling or toss
2. to tip over or fall
Last night when I was snowboarding I hit my front edge and it pitched me face first into the ice.
by HUTCH January 12, 2004
Typically a woman who is as tall as she is wide.
That bitch is a four by four.
by Hutch April 23, 2003
Small town in Lee County Virginia
On a roadtrip with my friend Stick we drove through Dot Va.
by HUTCH January 13, 2004
A bleezo is a slang-code word for a joint.
Hey man are you done rolling that bleezo.
by hutch December 14, 2003
An empty headed play thing
That blond was a doll.
by Hutch March 22, 2005

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