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A good drink to have before bed when you're feeling sick. Made of lemon tea, honey, and 2 ounces of Bourbon.
Johnny felt like he was comming down with the clap so he had his mom make him a hot tottie to help him relax.
by Huskey Balls April 11, 2006
A gathering where a woman engages in sex with three men, taking one penis in her vagina, one in her anus, and one in her mouth. Hence she is air tight.
Lisa invited the mailman, the pool boy, and the pizza delivery man to her tupperware party.
by Huskey Balls March 29, 2006
A term used to describe a shemale or transexual who can easily pass as a woman in a public setting.
Since John's date was totally passable, no one at the party knew that she was a ladyboy.
by Huskey Balls April 26, 2006
1) Verb: Getting shit all over your dick because you stuck it into someone's ass.

2) Verb: Getting shit all over someone else's dick when they stick it into your ass.
1) "My dirty math teacher totally shit dicked me last night."

2) "I forgot to take a dump before Kenneth came over last night and when we were fucking I accidentally shit dicked him."
by Huskey Balls April 11, 2006
A sexual act involving intercourse in the female domanant (woman on top) position. With the man's penis inside her vagina, the woman forcibly urinates on the man's cock.
We had to change the sheets after my girl finished watering the oak.
by Huskey Balls April 21, 2006
A computer science student who spends most of his time working, eating, talking, sleeping, hanging out, licking his girlfriend, stinking, and generally being a big nerd in his school's computer cluster.
Person 1: "That gross kid is always in front of that computer."
Person 2: "I know, he's such a cluster bunny."
by Huskey Balls April 24, 2006
The finger shaped piece of poo that is bumped into when an object is inserted into someone's anus.
1) "I stuck my dick in her ass and pushed her poo finger until I blew my load."

2) "Go clean yourself out, I don't want to bump with no stinky poo finger tonight"
by Huskey Balls October 03, 2006

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