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Performing a ridiculously slick / unbelievably fancy strut that impresses everyone in a 2 mile radius.

Waddling in a manner that drops jaws a minimum of 3.53 inches. A jaw drop below this measurement is not considered an effect of "Suaading"

Walking with a 'swagger', making people in the general area say, "whaaaaat!?"
"Hey Bob, I saw this kid Suaading the other day, it made me go, "whaaaat!?!?"

"Little Billy has been working on his Suaading"

"Stop Suuading in such a disgusting manner, it's making jaws drop a maximum of 3 inches, which is not Suuading at all - it's fraud!"

"I Suaaded up First avenue the other day, I had 5 marriage proposals abruptly afterwords."
by Huskalicious August 06, 2007
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