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Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in August of 1992. It was the second most destructive hurricane in recent history (the only reason it's only second is because that bitch, Katrina, broke the levees and fuckin' flooded 3/4 of New Orleans).

Apparently, nobody gives a rat's ass about Hurricane Andrew anymore, seeing as there are 500 definitions for Hurricane Katrina, but this is the first for Andrew.
Fuck Katrina. Hurricane Andrew should still be considered the most destructive.
by HurricaneAndrew July 13, 2009
Slang term for the Caps lock key on a computer keyboard. The term refers to Mays' strategy for pitching products in two-minute television ads, in which he always seemed to be yelling.

It was coined shortly after Billy Mays' death.

Geez, man. Try to not use the Billy Mays Button so much, would you?
by HurricaneAndrew July 08, 2009
synonym of middle of nowhere, usually in hillbilly territory
We let that dumbass, Darin, drive and we ended up at the corner of bumfuck and you got a perty mouth
by HurricaneAndrew June 12, 2008
When the whole crowd falls silent and joins in the act of praying before a sporting event they are invocating. Usually occurs just before the singing of the national anthem.

Was coined by two dumbasses during an invocation at Callaway Raceway in Fulton, MO. in 2009.
Dude shut up, they're invocating.
by HurricaneAndrew August 17, 2009
Term for the popular citrus soda, Mountain Dew.

The term is meant to emphasize the myth that if a man drinks too much Mountain Dew he will end up sterile.

Coined in 2011
Hey, will you grab me a sperm thinner out of the cooler?
by HurricaneAndrew May 09, 2011

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