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Dating someone just because of where they live, and/or are from. Usually to have a place to stay, or a reason to visit said town. Common among photographers, skiers, and outdoor types.
Guy: She's perfect, and she's from this town in northern Idaho where I've been wanting to go shoot forever.

Friend: So basically you're just location dating?
by Hurricane7410 August 31, 2009
A modern day disco nap, or a late afternoon nap in order to prepare for a night of Ke$ha inspired partying.
Person A: Hey, what are you doing?

Person B: Oh I'm taking a Ke$ha nap in order to prepare for tonight!
by Hurricane7410 March 12, 2011
When someone reveals the score of a sporting event without making sure no one is avoiding the news for the purpose of watching the game at a later date.
Guy 1: I've avoided the internet all day so I wouldn't know the score of the World Cup game.

(Guy 2 walks in)

Guy 2: Can you believe that USA tied England 1-1 today?

Guy 1: Don't score rape me like that, I recorded it so I could watch it tonight.
by Hurricane7410 June 24, 2010
A Hip Hop Hipster
Kanye West is a hopster
by Hurricane7410 January 12, 2009
Someone who brakes into your house, or room, and steals as many valuables as quickly as they can.
Last night i went to the bathroom and when i came back some carpetbagger had taken my laptop, camera, and cellphone.
by Hurricane7410 February 08, 2009

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