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A giant school filled with uninteresting people.Idiots roam the halls and staircases(majority of the school's cubic area)who seem to always block you from your destination, that one class with the asshole teacher who loves jotting down lateness's, the type of prick you want to punch in the face for every word he utters from that despicably dumb looking mouth of his. Basically its very hard to find decent friends,most of the people you meet are dumbshits, and there're no people to seriously talk to at lunch. If you ever have the luck to find a girl that is average or above, she will most likely be taken, a total dumbass (I believe majority likes their girls with brainwaves), or a horrible personality. It takes 37 of the 40 minutes in lunch to actually get a tray, and once you do the food isn't edible, and in the time that you muster up the courage take a bite of the shit the lunch period is already over. The only way to actually pass the time would be messing with people, be it jumping on their tables and starting to thrust, or invading their conversations and starting to get to know them until you yell penis off the top of your lungs, also recommended is finding the ugliest girls you can and telling them they're beautiful passionately- never to be seen again in the midst of the crowd of 1000 Asians (the cafeteria). I can't really complain about the teachers, since they are pretty decent, well the ones I've had so far that is. The freshmen are horrible which I can say while being one, how can you possibly need that much material in your bookbag, and can you not walk through the hallways looking so irritatingly stupid? The classes are easy, and the materials are simple. You may object to that saying freshman year is just easy, but I take all sophomore classes, not including DDP which is a fucking waste of time. Who the fuck invented gay and straight alliance? Its like your begging me to beat the shit out of you.

No airbags (just something to get cred)
Brooklyn tech
by Hunter the Genius December 03, 2008

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