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When one is peer pressured into dating or hooking up with someone. Opposite of cock blocking
Garrison: Hey you should ask Ashley to Prom

Harold: I don't really want to go though

Carolynn: But she wants you to ask her

Harold: I don't want to go though...she'll be embarssed if she goes with me

Garrison: Why would she be embarrassed, just ask her

Carolynn: Yeah, dont be a pussy, ask her

Harold: Stop Cock Stalking me!
by Hunter Pitkin February 09, 2007
n 1. A group outing to the movies that involves chatter, yelling, and loud laughing.
v. 2. To be very loud and obnoxious while seeing a movie.
1. There was a goddamn movie-party behind me.
2. She talks so much at home, she must movie-party.
by Hunter Pitkin June 19, 2005
1. An individual one doesn't feel guilty hating.
2. The close cousin of the total asshole.
3. Dominick Dinapoli
Wow, Dominick is a douchebag
by Hunter Pitkin July 16, 2008
1. (adj) The rare occasion where something is so manly, it isn't just manly, and it's so amazing, it's more than amazing...its amanzing
2. the best way to describe Denzel Washington in Remember the Titans, John Q, Training Day, Inside Man, American Gangster, Deja Vu..etc
Denzel's performance as Alonzo Harris/Frank Lucas/Malcolm X was amanzing
by Hunter Pitkin October 12, 2007

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