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A young female at or around the age of 18 who often lies about her age in order to gain entry to bars in order to flirt/hook up with older guys. Often found in a bar, the name stems from the Sugar Glider's tendency to be fairly new to the world of alcohol, and as a result, she can often be found drinking the most sickeningly sweet concoctions available at the bar, and will refuse beer of any kind. Accompanied by older siblings that helped sneak her in, the Sugar Glider's companions often are too drunk or preoccupied to realize she is masquerading as a 21 year old college junior. The Sugar Glider's main targets are healthy looking males in the 21-26 age range. The damage is twofold: 1) The unsuspecting male may run into very serious legal problems depending on the actual age of the sugar glider. 2) The companions will take flak from friends and family the next day for allowing the Sugar Glider out of their sight long enough to create trouble. If you suspect you have encountered a Sugar Glider, it is best to playfully attempt to verify her age by looking at her ID, asking her companions her age, or by asking her questions about things in life outside of high school. Sugar Gliders often exhibit signs of being drunker and louder than anyone else in the bar, and are known for often spilling their drinks on the floor or other people and playfully squealing "Ohhhh maaah gawwwd. I'm sooo sorrrry!".
I made out with some chick at the bar last night. It's a good thing things didn't go any further because she turned out to be a Sugar Glider.
by HunkasaurusSex January 12, 2009

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