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Description of someone manly, specifically someone who ignores or endures discomfort to maintain the appearance of manliness.
The height of macho is jogging home after your own vasectomy.
by HungryNoobivore January 02, 2010
The exact moment where you realize what a big mistake you have made.
*thows grenade at wall by accident; rolls back to your feet. Oh no second incoming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...OH NOES!
by HungryNoobivore February 03, 2010
Term used to describe Starcraft 2 by a number of gamers after being delayed for several years.
>Yay! SC2 comes out later this year.
>More like Latecraft. They just did what they did last year.
>I feel dead inside now.
by HungryNoobivore February 03, 2010
Shameless attack on a man's wedding tackle, usually a single kick, allowing the coward a chance to escape. Usually ends with the victim writhing in pain on the ground, wondering if he will ever have children.
"Now I just have to hit him with a low blow and then I can leg it out of here."
by HungryNoobivore January 02, 2010

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