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NOT ORIGINALLY FROM SOUTH PARk, Hails from full metal jacket, during the scene with pvt. joker and rafterman are sitting outside a cafe and a vietnamese prostitute offers them her services, shortly after.. rafterman gets his camera stolen
Prostitute: hey solja boy, you looking for a good time?
pvt. joker: How much for the two us?

Prostitute: 25 dowah, me love you long time

pvt. joker: 15 dollars is all my mom allows me to spend!

prostitute: 15 dowah ok 15 dowah, sucky sucky 5 dollah! me love you long time

(to rafterman)pvtjoker: you know have these dink whores are serving officers in the vietcong army
by HungryHerb July 23, 2010
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