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Similar to the Turducken, this delicacy consists of a rat stuffed with a gerbil stuffed with a hamster. It is usually served with a side of freshly collected Frumunda cheese, and goes great with a chardonnay. It is considered a traditional Easter feast in parts of Wyoming.
I'm still hungry, slice me off another piece of that ragerbilster.
by HungDaddy37 November 07, 2011
A new word referring to the human male penis. schlong+penis-ongpe=schlenis
She was sucking on my schlenis.
by HungDaddy37 November 07, 2011
This is the rare occasion when one releases built up gas not out his anus, but rather his urethra. The penis flails about like an out of control fire hose. wiener+fart=wienart, pronounced (win+art)
With two hot chicks on either side of him, he was afraid to wienart. He tried to release a silent wienart. That wienart smells like hot garbage.
by HungDaddy37 November 06, 2011

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