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Parrot in Internet social media terms is someone who recites information (whether aware if its correct or not) for the sake of repeating it to increase their own percieved "social standing" in an social community. Can be applicable to both a single online community (a forum) or a group of sites of communities, for example a "blogosphere."
Parrots are: bloggers who blog about social media: what it is, what it is becoming, because they read it on someone else's forum. People in automotive or other technical forums who repeat something because it "sounded right."
by hundalair January 30, 2009
Broader use of the old term "mowed my lawn" or "mowing my lawn," across a wider range of applications. It used to mean blatantly attempting to steal someone's female interest but now means generally rudely stealing or taking something cunningly, and usually right in front of their face.
Lisa stole a commission from me - she mowed my lawn.
by hundalair January 30, 2009
The model of the very-boxy 80's Toyota mini van found in the USA. Comes in a variety of versions, a 'panel van' which doesn't have any windows as well as a regular one with windows, and even some rare 4WD versions.
Jimmy bought a terrorist van and lived out it for a week in the desert.
by Hundalair March 13, 2009
A group of usually anything-goes dirtbag adverturers. Money is usually only a priority to only get somewhere or do something, otherwise, it's the trip that matters. Because they're usually young and dumb, they usually do pretty hazardous activities for fun like skiing or rock climbing or mountain biking, etc. A hazard assembly is a group of them.
A hazard assembly formed of about a dozen mountain bikers in the middle of fucking nowhere. I had no idea where they were actually going...
by Hundalair March 13, 2009

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