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Low-budget Japanese pornography which often features an "artsy" feel. Many young Japanese filmmakers get their start by directing pink films, which is not viewed as derogatorily in Japan as in the US, often leading these directors to mainstream success outside of the pornography business.

Several of these films such as "Tandem", about a train-groper, have received acclaim on the international art house circuit.
Toshiki Sato, Hisayasu Sato, and Takahisa Zeze have been dubbed "The Kings of Pink" in Japan due to the acclaim their pink films have gotten them, both domestically and abroad.
by Humberttt January 25, 2008
A favored author of hipsters and other assorted pseudo-intellectuals, most of whom have never actually read a word he wrote (outside of possibly a synopsis from Sparknotes), but being ever hip as they are, understand how important it is to have the memorization of names of 19th century Russian authors down to a science.
Pre-owned copies of works of Chekhov, Gogol and Dostoevsky all sat neatly in a row atop hipster's bookshelf, just above the more modern, also indubitably hip, works of Dave Eggers, Zadie Smith, and David Foster Wallace.
by Humberttt October 09, 2007
Popular hipster clothing staple, where solid-colored t-shirts marked "wholesale" are sold for roughly $15 a pop, when the same shirt could be purchased from Wal*Mart for $4. Then again, Wal*Mart doesn't label its clothing as "CRUELTY/SWEATSHOP FREE!" and is, of course, way too mainstream for the ever-hip still-living-off-parents elite.
San Francisco hipster: I just got three solid-colored shirts at American Apparel, and it only cost me $45! Buying stuff wholesale rocks!
by Humberttt October 28, 2007
A commonly-used word in the world of podophilia (foot fetishism), which means "toe-sucking".

Not to be confused with felching or frotting.
Shrimping - Toe-sucking.
Felching - Sucking cum from someone's anus after ejaculation.
Frotting - Rubbing of penises together for sexual gratification as opposed to anal or oral sex.

Get your sexual lingo right, people!
by Humberttt December 08, 2007
1.) The most useless major next to Philosophy (with about the same number of pretentious douchebags enrolled as well).

2.) A class to take if you wish to be semi-educated in art without having to put in the effort required to effectively hone an artistic craft.
The majority of my Intro. to Art History class last semester was filled with hipsters who were obsessed with Andy Warhol, Lomography, and Juxtapoz Magazine.
by Humberttt December 09, 2007
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