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A name for a girl trying desperately hard to be ghetto fabulous, or gangster. Her activities usually include getting white boy wasted with a $10 jug of vodka or jagermeister, if she can pony up the doeski. She's typically a high school drop out and is lucky if she gets her GED. She spends most of her time unemployed or at dead end jobs. Her only long term goals are being able to get dat green everyday and eventually ending up on welfare. She speaks in nothing but ebonics, and finds it extremely challenging to hold a normal conversation without using words like yo, crib, G, or profanities. She's usually a slut, having sex with pretty much anyone who wants her. This is the type of girl you will want to hit and quit, but never bring home to meet mom.
Girl 1 at bar : "That muhfucker was in my crib furred as shit and i told him he better have dat green or he needed to dip!"

Girl 2 at bar : "He just thought he'd roll up without bring the kush? That's some bullshit ass shit girl"

Guy at bar to friend : "Dude, there's only Brendas at this bar. Let's get the hell out of here."
by Hulk1203 August 04, 2012

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