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A type of music that usually contains rythms and sounds associated with electronica as well as lyrics, although these lyrics are often repeated throughout the entire song so as to blend in with the background music. Given the name house music because people would listen to it while working/hanging out around the house. not intended to be listened to closely like Rock or Emo music.
intro to <i>The Rockafeller Skank</i> by Fatboy Slim, a typical house music song (in a good way)

Dj: wbcn whos this?
Brad: hey this is brad (this is brad this is)
Dj: now uh whos your favorite artist, who
Do you want to hear?
Brad: well m my favorite artist right now is
Fatboy slim, that guy kicks ass.
Dj: how tremendous is fatboy slim?
Brad: the band of the 90s, if you want to call
It a band because its a one man name.
Dj: wow...fatboy, and you want to hear that
New fatboy song?
Brad: absolutely.
Dj: which one?
Brad: the um funk soul brother check it out.
Dj: sing it, I dont know which one.
Brad: right about now, the funk soul brother
Check it out now, the funk soul brother.
by Hulabalu August 25, 2006

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