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A famous song by Iron Butterfly. Mostly known for it's terrible vocals, amazing drum solo, and long, drawn out, and altogether tedious organ/piano solo. Decent song.
In A Gadda Da Vidda baby
don't you know that I'm lovin you
In A Gadda Da Vidda honey
don't you know that I'll always be true
by Huked Onn Foniks October 10, 2004
A flash game found primarily on ebaumsworld. It pokes humor at black men, involving the ask jeeves "ask" button, though spelled aks. When the button is pressed, the black man dressed as a butler spouts off language. Temporary gratification, though funny sometimes.
Now I KNOW you ain't talking to me.
Shut the f**k up motherf****r.
by Huked Onn Foniks October 10, 2004
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