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combination of the words weed and repeat. used to describe a moment of deja-vu while high, or any reoccurring actions while high.
Pot Head #1 - "Today will be a weed-peat of yesterday."

Pot Head #2 - "Oh so we're getting high, spending all our money on food and cigarettes then pass out after about 8 hours of playing Black Ops?"

Pot Head #1 - "Fuck yeah"
by Huha93 November 28, 2010
Any single location where you and your friends hang out.

When speaking of the location it is referred to as "Brooke's House". ex: "Let's go to Brooke's House."

When speaking of it as the name of a location it is referred as "Brooke House". ex: "Let's going to Tom's place, that's our Brooke House."

Guidelines for it to be a "Brooke House";
1) Who ever's house it is must be coolest as fuck.
2) The owner of the house should be a girl.
3) In order to stay in the "Brooke House" the owner must like you.
4) Only call your house a "Brooke House" if you and your friends do drugs and shit in that house. If you guys just hang out then call it what it actually is, a circle jerk.
5) If the majority of the population smokes cigarettes you must be able to put up with the smell or take up smoking.
6) All acts of violence in the "Brooke House" are because you are high/intoxicated and should not carry over into the next day.
7) Lastly, show love to whoever's house it is, be respectful of their wishes and only steal their brother's cookies if they say it's ok.
Pot Head #1 - "Dude where are we going to smoke this blunt?"

Pot Head #2 - "Don't worry about it dude, we'll go over to Brooke's House"

Pot Head #1 - "Fuck yeah, I want some oreos"
by Huha93 December 02, 2010
pronouced like the letter "O and a lifetime", this phrase is commonly used while watching baseball games and someone who isn't hitting the ball well is at the plate.
Oriole Fan #1 - There's two outs, bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th, who's on deck?

Oriole Fan #2 - Miguel Tejada

Oriole Fan #1 - Oh great, Tejada is "0 and a lifetime" against this pitcher. It's over.
by Huha93 December 07, 2010

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