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Cockney/Yiddish colloquial term for money, particularly cash acquired in a profitable exchange.
I done Benny a good turn out of hours and it earned me some tasty spondoolicks.
by Hugo Baron April 27, 2006
Noun. A spoken stock phrase or phrases uttered by a sports commentator or sportsperson in order to fill broadcast airtime rather than to illuminate the viewer/listener with useful facts or analysis; particularly prevalent in UK soccer commentary. Puntabanta is frequently obvious, redundant, tautological, absurdist, or a combination of these.
"At the end of the day, at this level, it's a game of two halves."

"Certainly if they had scored more goals there is every chance they could have won."

Puntabanta like this devalues the language and pollutes the intellect.
by Hugo Baron July 02, 2006
East End/West End London, UK slang, Victorian and latterly Neo-Elizabethan. Refers to paper currency bearing the image of H.R.H. Queen Victoria or H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II.
"Anyfin' smaller? I need coins, innit."

"Soz, pal. All I got is queenie papers. This one's only a fiver, mind."
by Hugo Baron May 09, 2006
1. (noun) An unpleasant smell, usually of human origin
2. (verb) 1 to smell unpleasant
3. (verb) 2 to be extremely ugly

minger mingpot minging
1. What is that nasty ming?
2. Something mings in here.
3. I can't bear to look at you - you are utterly minging.
by Hugo Baron February 03, 2005
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