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a) Shocking

b) more gasp than gasp

c) breathless

d) I don't believe my eyes sort of shit

e) Uber shocked!!!

f) what the fuck!!
Two planes have just flown into the world trade center, no way man I'm in a state of gaspation here
by Hughesy9mm May 13, 2008
a) A fuck up

b) The complete opposite of what you wanted to do or should have done

c) An epic fail moment

Jackie Chan dropped his donner meat and chips on the floor in dogshit, bad drills!!!
by Hughesy9mm May 13, 2008
a) Sometime that has gone wrong

b) Not good

c) Lame

d) Pretty fucking shit moment
Akon got his spongebob squarepants underwear stolen from the washing machine, FUCK FACTORY!
by Hughesy9mm May 13, 2008

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