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4 definitions by Hughes

The product of speech impediments and the word 'garbage', mispronounced originally by 'Homestarrunner'
homestarrunner: "Having to put you is like having to put up with GAWBAGE!"
by HUGHES April 28, 2004
Derrives from the word 'suxjack' (refer to 'suxjack')
Person1: Hey! Aren't you suxjack?
Saxjack: Why of course! However, now I am suxjack heartily playing 'lounge style blues' a tenor saxophone

{the conversation took place in an urban Jazz bar.}
by HUGHES April 16, 2004
an amazing abbreviation of the name Graham. It works on SO many humerous levels!
person1: hey Ham
person2: hello ham
person3: morning ham!
by HUGHES April 28, 2004
Tadhg is the name which is the product of incoherent angstful shouting, and kerboard-bashing. The term 'Tadhg' can be used as an adjective, and is sometimes used as a way of expressing/venting emotions: -

(refer to 'HUGHES')
person1: You are a Tadhg.
person2: No, YOU are a Tadhg.
person1: THIEVIN' Tadhg!
person3: DIRTY Tadhgs!
persons1+2: Arrr TADHG!!!!!!
by HUGHES April 16, 2004