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Someone who is better than you at everything and in every way.
Damnn, shaoty a boss ass bitch.
by Hugh jazz September 15, 2013
The ever-so-popular drinking game, where a card is shown to you that has a series of random words written on it, and when you say the words it sounds like a popular phrase, or famous person. You repeat saying the random words until you realize what the phrase or person is. This game is only really fun with liquor involved, because the more drunk you get the more you slur, and it actually can become easier!
In Mad Gab, a card might say:
"Wheel Yum Air Ream He"
"Will you marry me"
Example 2:
"Eye Needle Ax Eight If"
"I need a laxative"
by Hugh Jazz February 05, 2006
JT's identical twin, a character from the LOTR trilogy. A SHORT, little guy with furry feet and hands.
JT, my goodness, you look so very much like Pippen.
by Hugh Jazz October 14, 2003
Exclamation used at the start of a question or statement.
"Sheet, where my bitches?"
by Hugh Jazz November 29, 2002

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