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A Tokyo Sandblaster is a scatological activity developed by Conan O'Brien for the Conan Show. It is defined as when one person has diarrhea, they place their ass close to their partner's face while firmly pressing their butt cheeks together. They then release their bowels, effectively blasting their partner in the face with a high pressure stream of shit, forcing them to squint and as a result creating the appearance of Asian features.
1. After Conan O'Brien's new show "Conan" Tokyo Sandblasted the shit out of the Tonight Show's ratings, he couldn't help but notice the shit running down his partners face bore a striking resemblance to the comedic stylings of Jay Leno.

2. Jay Leno enjoys Tokyo Sandblasters.

3. Conan is the shit, Jay Leno is a piece of shit.
by Hugh Jweener November 10, 2010
Any person from Oregon who has relocated to, and presumably made better, somewhere else.
Bab: Oi! Yous oint from Baaaasten?!

Him: No Bob, I'm not from Boston. I'm an Oregon Donor. I'm hear to save you from yourself.

Bab: OOOI! Whuddya mean ders glass en my Sam Hadams?!?!
by Hugh Jweener August 18, 2008
The resulting fuck stain left by a friend when he or she comes over to your home and bangs some skeezer or wanker in your bed or on your couch.
Mamubean left quite a chum stain on my sheets after I let him house sit for the weekend.
by Hugh Jweener August 18, 2008
Any noun functionally modified so as to mean shit.
Him: Brownies are delicious.

Her: Not toilet brownies*

*Brownies being the operative adjecturd.
by Hugh Jweener August 18, 2008
Portland, Oregon. Muthafucka. Popularized by the hip hop trio, the Lifesavas.
Razorblade City is Portland.
by Hugh Jweener August 18, 2008
WAYFR wey-fer


1. What are you fucking retarded?


1. Statement used to express extreme disbelief at/or towards audacious idiocy: A complete fucking idiot doing something completely idiotic.

-in sms texting

1. Response to a stupid question/suggestion.
1. Some suburbanite cracker: "Lil Wayne is the greatest rappper ever!"

Someone from an urban setting: "...WAYFR..."

2. Text recieved on Barack Obama's cellphone: "As Putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the United States of America, where– where do they go? It's Alaska. It's just right over the border."

Response received on Sarah Palin's cellphone: "WAYFR"
by Hugh Jweener July 14, 2009
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