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To have unprotected sex with a female then flee the scene immediately afterward, providing no explanation and making no further contact of any kind. This precludes the possibility of unwanted paternal responsibilities, and also removes the ability of said female to seek recourse should she become infected with an STD due to the barebacked encounter.

This is a newer, alternate form of the classic raw dog and bail.
She was sloppy drunk and quite voluptuous. I had no condoms and no desire to have any interaction with her other than sex, so I decided that the prudent maneuver was to just bareback and bounce. Thankfully I was visiting my brother out of state, so there was almost no chance that she could ever locate me.
by Huge Larry September 28, 2009
To fight through incredible pain and complete a few final repetitions while lifting weights.

To overcome hardship and achieve a goal through sheer willpower.
Just when Larry's pecs felt like they were turning into jelly, he was somehow able to blast through the burn and push up three more reps on the bench press. He could feel the sweet, solid pump in his chest and arms.

I drank so much beer and was about to hurl, but then I blasted through the burn and kept it down.
by Huge Larry December 29, 2008
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