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What an egotistical megalomaniac says when he does not get his way to criticize those who don't agree with him.
American People: " we don't want to spend trillions on nationalized health care that will lead to rationing of care and the elderly and infirm will be counseled on ways to end their lives."

The Boss "Don't get all wee-wee'd up. Why aren't you buying into all my schemes anymore?"
by Huff Dodger August 26, 2009
to strike someone in the testicles with the intent to cause great pain. Best done when the victim is not expecting it
Bob: Hey Joe why you limping?
Joe: I made a jump shot and Tom ballchecked me
by Huff Dodger August 30, 2009
1.a movie in which frequent vomiting constitutes much of the comedic element 2. a party or situation where there is frequent vomiting to excess
Tommy's party was a real vomicomedy. I'm glad I wasn't there to clean up the vomit from the white carpet in his living room.
by Huff Dodger July 29, 2009
striking a vehicle with fist or foot after it nearly hits you. Typically used by cyclists but pedestrians utilize technique as well.
When I ride past diagonally parked vehicles I usually have to do some carpunching since most people back up without looking
by Huff Dodger September 04, 2009

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