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A porn star (adult entertainment industry professional) who started his career in gay films, later to pull what we call a "double back, flap jack, titty smack" where he switched to straight films.
Look at him getting fucked by that 300 pound body builder...! -2 years later- Look at him give it to her!
by Hue Jass June 18, 2003
To be 'owned' by various pictures of David Hasselhoff. Especially the much feared hypno-thong picture.
Dude you just got Hasselhoffowned.
by Hue Jass March 11, 2005
The Elements are:
1st - Breakdancing (Bboying)
2nd - Emcee
3rd - DJ
4th - Graffitti

The other one Is the 5th which is Beat Boxing.
Know your elements of hip hop!
by Hue Jass June 19, 2004
To be owned by Hasselhoff of the David variety. Mainly by staring into the hypno-thong for so long that you concede the battle.
Dude just got hasselhoffowned!
by Hue Jass February 16, 2005
fun shit
sex is my kinda sport
by hue jass May 22, 2003
1) A creature that is very small in size and brain power, most likely dropped on head in a 2nd grade class, Bug-eyed and furry, tends to chase after inanimate objects.
2)Verb: To be a nuisance to the beings around you, usually by making high-pitched noises and staring at things you expect the beings to throw.
1)I believe Oliver Twist was a Little Bit.
2)Dont Little Bit, or I will throw a rock at you!
by Hue Jass June 06, 2003
when a man has explosive diaria, the man will bend over and shoot his ferocious poop into a girls mouth then she gives him head and swallows not only the cum, but the explosive diaria. to add flavor he can squeeze him rectum to add blood to the expiriment
Nigel Carr did this to Sara Arnold, who both may have weiners
by Hue Jass May 09, 2003
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