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He is known as “The Tyrant of Tanvu”, “The Butcher of Kojani” or "The Cutter of Kojani Necks", and it is said he feeds off the blood of Kojani merchants. A mythical creature of sorts, only defined by the Kojani and Half-Elf corpses left in his wake. Some say by time you catch his fifthly stench, it’s already too late. He has been seen accompanied by a scrawny goblin going by the name Kojanislayer. Any adventurers travelling the world of Telon should be cautious when crossing either of their paths. They are KOS (kill on sight) to all races, even their own kind.
As I came out of Tanvu that blood thirsty Orc was one me without warning, mumbling obscenities. Nekcutter does not belong here, he PK’d me and took my coin and infamy, most importantly he took my pride.
by Hue Fujito February 21, 2008

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