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1.) Also known as "The Boner Network", as suggested by comedian Lewis Black.

2.) A possible alternative to Viagra.

3.) A source of T&A in moving picture form for middle schoolers everywhere.

4.) A source of talentless male singers for high school girls to drool over.

5.) A repository for reality shows that are far from reality.

6.) A network which, despite its name, has little to do with music.
1.) "Had any of these people ever even seen MTV? All you gotta do is watch it for 5 minutes to know it should be called "The Boner Network!"" Quote from Lewis Black.

2.) "Look, if you're having trouble getting the least bit aroused, turn on MTV!"

3.) "Every day kids come home from school and say to their parents 'I'm gonna go watch MTV!!'. then they lock themselves in their rooms, turn on the TV, and just put their little peckers right on the set!" Quote from Lewis Black.

4.) "ZOMG he is soooo HOT!!!" said the girl who has bad taste in music...

5.) "Tropical environment, place with no obese people to be seen anywhere, no 'ugly' women (by men's standards), Tila Tequila walking around proudly displaying her breasts for all the world to see... If only the real world was that way..."

6.) "Why would you hire MTV... to do music? MTV has nothing to do with music. MTV is a video. And video goes where? In your EYE! EYE, EAR, EAR, EYE. Big, fuck, DIFFERENCE!!!"
Quote from Lewis Black.
by Hudizzle February 21, 2008

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