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Disgusting + Undesirable = Disgustable.

When something you see, smell, hear, touch or taste is totally and completely disgusting, revolting, undesirable or just straight distasteful, that's grounds for being disgustable.
Being the guest of honor at dinner, I had to at least try the main dish, which was tuna casserole. It was the most "DISGUSTABLE" thing I've ever tasted!!
The tuna casserole recipe called for tuna, garlic, hamburger, chocolate chips, noodles, bacon, coffee grounds, pinto beans, italian seasoning, nutmeg, cloves, granola, rice, sugar, eggs, tomatoes, broccoli, black pepper, maple syrup, bananas and crushed potato chips sprinkled across the top.
by HuMBush February 21, 2009

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