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1 definition by Ht's Auntie

A tranny surprise is something that seems like it may be good, but then turns out to be super bad. Any number of things can be considered a tranny surprise. A girl (see monet), that new car you bought that turns out to be a piece of shit, or a test that was suppose to be easy.
Hey mang, how did you do on that test?

Not so good Aubri. I thought it was gonna be hella easy, so instead of studying I partied all night, got super wasteyface, and woke up next to this chick.


No, not really. The girl turned out to be a super jankety monet.

Ohhh that sucks. You got double tranny surprised.

Yeah. I heard you got an “A” on the test though, goodjaubri!
by Ht's Auntie May 25, 2009