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The wingtip is a type of shoe with a hard tip on the toe, and the hiding place is ones ass. In coincidence with the phrase, "kick your ass"
Such as in the show Scrubs
Man: Hey Grandpa, a little help.
Dr. Kelso: Here you go, sport. But call me "Grandpa" again and you and I are going to play a little game called "hide the wingtip". There may be a generational gap here, I'll explain. The wingtip is my shoe, the hiding place is your ass.
#scrubs #quotes #hide the wingtip #wingtip #generation gap
by Hsra September 30, 2007
A strong and incapable attraction to those who forensicate. Found frequently through the Catholic Forensic League and National Forensic League.
"Why in the hell do you like him? He's such an asshole" - Girl
"But he speeches so well..." - Girl 2
"Oh my... you have a forensic fetish" - Girl
#forensic #fetish #speech #league #forensics #forensicate
by Hsra December 16, 2008
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