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1. Slang term, an idiot, nincompoop, lacking common sense. 2. An indolent person. 3. A cross between nincompoop and jackass.
1. Get back to work you jack-a-ninny!
2. Al is a frickin jack-a-ninny.
by Hoyt of The Ledge May 20, 2006
1. The act of anal sex involving two homosexual males. 2. Anal version of hide the salami.
Gary and Ace were too busy playing buttdarts to go out last night.
by Hoyt of The Ledge April 28, 2006
1. One who enjoys giving oral sex. 2. To savor an erect penis. 3. To suggest someone is a boner taster. See also boner, boner breath.
1. Joe told his buddy Don that Sarah was a great boner taster.
2. You boner taster!
by Hoyt of the Ledge April 27, 2006
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