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An enormous tird that clogs the toilet...even when the user flushes with no paper in the bowl. Slonks are common the day after thanksgiving. Slonks usually stick half way out of the bowl. The user often feels the need to flush a Slonk right away to avoid clogs, but Slonks are so hugh it doesn't really matter. Only the Bradley 3000 toliet bowl is usually strong enough to eat up a Slonk.
I don't even think that Roto-Rooter is going to be able to get rid of that Slonk I just dropped.
by Hoyt's Heroes January 03, 2009
A wild hybrid of an animal...something of a cross-breed between a Swamp Donkey and Muehlous that roams suburban neighborhoods scavanging garbage cans for dirty diapers and old newspapers and crapping on trees.
Call animal control...there's another DeRudder loose in the alley
by Hoyt's Heroes January 07, 2009
A big goofy scarecrow who spends too much time on the phone with his wife and who enjoys taking a dump in peoples shoes
I just slipped on my boots and I believe I stepped in a Pouley
by Hoyt's Heroes December 25, 2008
A really clumsy and accident prone poilce officer who gets really hammered at the bars and goes home about once a week with a swamp donkey
Dude, I totally pulled a Muehlous last night and had to chew my left arm off to get away.
by Hoyt's Heroes December 23, 2008
A crude mixture of beef broth, lima beans, crushed oreo cookies and beef jerky. A preferred meal of railroad bums and gay policeman who love glam rock karaoke.
I ate too much Sloan Soup last night and I think I might Girskis in my pants.
by Hoyt's Heroes December 23, 2008

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