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1. (n.) Photo/ Art History AP teacher at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA.

2. (n.) Former acid/coke head who thinks that dust have feet and like to crawl into light spots, and is convinced that those damn C period kids have no future. He also likes to repeat the phrase "hellooo?" and "come back!" when people aren't paying attention, and he has a little dance to go with it. He believes that there are magical clean-up fairies that go into a dark room and clean up after you. He often loses his keys, glasses, and the rubber tips on the ends of the photo tongs. He has a wife from Bosnia that he often talks about, yet he never wears a wedding ring. He has little dandruff blizzards on his shoulders. He has no idea who "Betty" is, yet her name is always written on the board. He is a master in the art of sound effects. He knows everything about everything. He has boxes in his room labeled "empty boxes". He is a wise, wise man. He has a Facebook group dedicated to him. Everyone loves Mr. Hoy.
Person 1: "Look, there's Mr. Hoy!"
Person 2: "Gosh, what a cutie!"
by Hoybean's Biggest Fan November 20, 2006

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