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A total bad-ass kind of guy. Very good looking and the epitome of cool...like in "Vanilla Ice" cool. You get goose bumps and aroused by the mere "thought" of his name. In the Thesaurus, the words Augie Dog are also paired with the words Dynamite, Chuck Norris, Shaft, Super Pimp, Hella Phat....(well, there are actually 97 more pages of paired words). You get the idea. Every young boy dreams of growing up to me an Augie Dog...word!
Do you think Jesus wears a "WWADD" bracelet?

Augie Dog once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now called "The Islands".

OMG! OMG! OMG MOM!!!!! I just heard someone say the words "AUGIE DOG!!" MOM!!!!!!!

Sir, sorry, this is "invitation only." Oh, I am so sorry, did you just say you knew Augie Dog? Well, why didn't you say so?
by Howie H February 06, 2010

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