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Oldest dorm at Notre Dame. Because of this, many of the rooms are nicknamed. The famous "Quint" room is in Sorin College, although contrary to its name seven boys live in this room. Other rooms include The Hole, The Drug Stop,The Box, The Otter Room, Downtown, and the other Turet Rooms. Sorin College is the Brother dorm of the second smallest girls dorm, Howard Hall. Sorin thinks they are the best dorm, but after sweet events that Howard organizes for the dorms, the boys realize that their greatness must be attributed to the women of Howard.
-Did you go to the Quint clearout in Sorin this weekend?
-Wasnt that the monochramatic party? That party was sweet!
by Howard Duck June 05, 2006
Girls dorm at Notre Dame (although originally a guys' dorm). Second smallest girls dorm after Badin. Hosts Howard Halliday, a school-wide marshmallow roast, every winter. Also is known for the Howard Hoedown and the Howard Bone Marrow Drive. The Ducks are one of the most spirited dorms on campus, and in many people's opinions the best girl dorm on campus! Sister dorm of Sorin College AND St. Ed's...thats right, the dorm is soo cool it gets not one but TWO brother dorms (while most everyone else gets a measley one)
Who are we?
Howard Hall.
What do we do?
by Howard Duck June 05, 2006
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