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For some reason, this man is widely credited by the conservative media for ending the Cold War, and having the biggest economic boom. However, that is all a bunch of bullshit. Here is what the Gipper really did: shifted tax burden on the middle class by giving the rich ginormous tax cuts,invaded defenseless island nations like Grenada and invaded Lebanon in the interests of companies like Lockheed Martin and the Carlyle Group. Why did Ronnie invade Grenada? He answered "you can't have eggnog without nutmeg" as to make his invasion a crusade for Christmas. Funded Osama Bin Laden, and Nicaraguan terrorists funded by weapon sales to Iran, and called them the "moral equivalent of our founding fathers", traded weapons for hostages, gutted the environment, willfully ignored AIDS, and whose wife bilked the government to buy dresses costing more than the average American made in a year and got foreign policy advise from PYCHICS! THANK GOD HE IS DEAD! Had it only happened 25 years ago, then we wouldn't have the shit in the White House we have now!
Ronald Reagan was just a B actor who's connections to rich CEOS and corporations who ruined America, and whose damage is seen to this very day.
by Howard Dean '08 January 16, 2005
A man with great charisma, a great record of achievement in Vermont, and a moderate despite what conservatives would have you believe. Fiscal "conservative" by which is implied he cared about balancing budgets even tho conservatives never do so, and havent done so in thirty six years, endorsed by the NRA seven times. These two things about him completely erase the label "ultraliberal". He was a overall liberal in the fact he was against the Iraq War from the start, doesn't cut taxes for the rich, promoted tolerance by letting geys have civil unions, yet not calling it marraige, protects the environment, and would be an excellent president. Perhaps the second coming of Bill Clinton. The media unfairly labeled him as crazy after a campaign rally in which he actually excited his supporters, an important skill which John Kerry sorely lacked, perhaps costing him the presidency to Bush 43(IQ).
Howard Dean was an excellent politican, as well as a governor. He may have lost the nod this time, but he will be the 44th President of the United States. "Mark my words. You can write it down."
by Howard Dean '08 January 16, 2005
the opposite of winning an election by three percent, especially when you are running against the no.1 liberal in the senate Massachusettes flip flop with less charisma than a Al Gore, or even his recently deceased mother.
John Kerry managed the run the worst campaign with no attacks until the end, had no charisma, had a bitchy wife and constantly flip-flopped but came within THREE points of beating an incumbent wartime president with charisma and appeal to much of the masses. The president calls this thinnest reelection margin in 88 years a mandate
by Howard Dean '08 January 21, 2005

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