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The name of the mental disorder that a human, ( homo sapian sapian), has the mental will to physically enter a sexual position with an animal, ( other than homo sapian sapian). Currently illegal in the United States for animal abuse. It is not however illegal in New Guinea, for it's primitive government and it's URGE of this hideous act of intercourse. Yes, this has been done with octopi, goats, dogs, cats, sheep, donkeys, mules, snakes, squid, jellyfish, and probably many other animals. These actions were very common in ancient Rome, Swaziland, Persia, and many other nomadic civilization, ( because they had tons of animals with them... and not enough women...).
*Zoophilic kid finishes his sex with the animal
*Lady walks in


Zoophilic : Uhh.. Um... n-n-nothing...
*Zoophilic kid scurries away naked through streets.

*Lady sighs
Lady: *tisk *tisk that kid with Zoophilia just keeps doin' ma' animals...
by HowDoesTheHumanWork? December 29, 2011

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