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6 definitions by Hov'

A sack or bag designed to hold balls.
gym class is over, please place the balls into the ballsack
by Hov' January 09, 2005
From the movie "jay and silent bob strike back"

goes something like this

Fuck Fuck Fuck.
Mutha mutha fuck mutha mutha fuck fuck
mutha fuck mutha fuck noich noich noich
1,2,1 2 3 4 noich noich noich
smokin weed, smokin wizz
doin coke, drinkin beers
drinkin beers beers beers
rollin fatty's, smokin blunts,
who smokes the blunts? we smoke the blunts
rollin blunts is so..
(hey can i get a nicklebag?)
15 bucks little man
put that shit, in my hand
if that money doesnt show,
then you owe me owe me owe
Jay's rap from the movie is tight
by Hov' January 09, 2005
Real name of rapper Jay-Z. (see jay z) From Brooklyn. Alias's include Young Hov', Jay-Hova, Iceberg Slim, Jigga, William H. Used to bang Beyonce from Destiny's Child. Currently Retired*. See also hov

*Retired from making solo albums I guess because he has been showing up lately on other peoples.
Shawn Carter is also know as Jay-Z
by Hov' January 09, 2005
the glorious absence of sophistication. Equiped with a flat top and an M14
wow you need to learn how to spell, hell demon
by Hov' January 09, 2005
One of the Greatest Rappers of all time.

wow Jay-Z owns, his flows are so tight.
by Hov' January 09, 2005
Noun- Term Designed to inform fellow co-workers that an attrative woman has entered the work environment
1. Theres a Code 4 over there.
2. Get a load of the code 4 by the door.
by Hov' January 09, 2005