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Australian abbreviation for fizz-gig. A police informer. Usually a petty criminal who informs on others to the police in return for payment, or a reduction in penalty when he is caught committing a crime himself. Sometimes shortened to gig.
Imreckon that Bob is a fizz-gig. I saw him talking to two drug squad cops last night.

I think Bob fizzed on Tom because those cops then went to ztom's house and arrested him for drugs.
by House Martin February 18, 2013
Derogatory Australian slang for a ship's prostitute. A female who hangs around the commercial waterfront selling sexual favours to sailors, usually ship's crews from cargo vessels.
Susie is a water rat. She has been locked up by the vice squad at least six times.
by House Martin February 18, 2013
Marked police van used by Victoria Police, usually a converted commercial vehicle with a reinforced enclosed rear cargo area for holding and transporting offenders to a police station. Abbreviated from the official designation, Divisional van. From a bygone era when Melbourne was divided into police divisions.
I saw the divi van parked outside the Railway Hotel, after hours. The cops were probably inside having a drink with the publican.
by House Martin February 18, 2013
A theoretical point of experience in eating chili products. Once you have reached this limit you have broken the chili barrier and chili products no longer present the physical discomfort or level of emotional intimidation they present to inexperienced chilli consumers.

The chili barrier varies from person to person. Some people never break the chili barrier and will always find eating chili to be uncomfortable.
When I was living in China, I ate so much chilli flavored food that I eventually broke the chili barrier.
by House Martin February 20, 2013
Sydney Australia slang for a police officer. Based upon the belief that police are inherently violent, and therefore if they speak to you then you are likely to be walloped (beaten, assaulted).
I saw the wallopers patrolling past my house but they didn't stop, so someone else must be in line for a beating tonight.
by House Martin February 18, 2013

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