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(Hē*ŘŘt), (Type of Onomatopoeia & Interjection)

1.) To get away with or the Practice of getting away with something. (Can also be said silently after actions or Feats. The more E's the greater the action or Feat was.)

2.) To Spout off Or make Spamming Noises to get the attention of friends or other people & animals (Any number of E's Can be added According to The Asterisk in the Pronunciation)

Originated in Kentucky (U.S) state when thieves on Devils Hollow (A road in the city of Frankfort.) Jacked carriages of unsuspecting travelers. The time of this event is unknown. But it was re-obtained in Kentucky-2006
1.) Bill goes to the farmers market and steals some Carrots He Shouts "Heeeeeeerrt!"

2.) Jenifer's friends are playing video games she says "Herrt, your stupid." Her friends look at her, and lose a life on the video game.
by Hourglazz November 25, 2009

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