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This is a TYPICAL lax girl:

~Plays lax OF COURSE!
~Usually intelligent
~In shape(great body)
~Plays another sport
~Wears high socks, black or white
~Pretty (MOST of the time)

~Outside of practice or games wears either:
Preppy Cute: Abercrombie, Holllister, American Eagle. Plaid, shorts, skinny jeans, flats,converse, Sperry's

Total Obvious Lax'a: Team practice jersey, Sperry's with high black socks or white, shorts above the knee, with hair in a bun,ponytail,or ponytail braid.

~Like myself, loves a gentlemen, chivalrous man who is also an athlete.
~Outside of laxin' is a good dresser

~Supports their school
~Is really good with guys, kinda flirty but chill
She's totally a lax girl
She eats, sleeps, and laxz
by Hottiwiththebody April 26, 2011

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