16 definitions by Hottie

--a guy dorky enough to make up a definition for his name saying hes sweet with the ladies
--calling yourself hot, cool, and "sweet with the ladies"
by hottie February 24, 2005
One good lookin/hot guy! the best teacher we could ever have!!!
sauve is hot
by hottie May 08, 2003
the hottest spot to party and the cutest gurls live!!!!!!!!!!! OAKSHADE RD
You should already know!!!
by HOTTIE February 20, 2004
what rove mcmanus (an overrated talk show host in australia with lame jokes) says at the end of every show of 'rove live', which by the way has some very cool and funny guests.
say hi to ur mum for me!
by HoTtIe November 17, 2004
A person like KT
KT is a P.I.M.P
by Hottie December 01, 2003
one of the nicest, hottest guys ever that i want to marry =D
i love justin, he is my future husband!
by hottie October 24, 2004
A smelly bitch...thats right you heard me!
"I was driving and all of a sudden I started smelling something sort of like rotten milk and I knew Blech had to be near...she smells like rotten milk"
by HOTTIE November 09, 2004

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