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3 definitions by Hotshit ow ow

To let a man place his balls over a woman's face and let her use her tongue to roll over his balls in a circular motion.
Hey baby, you wanna roll some tricks?
by Hotshit ow ow March 01, 2008
When everything in your life goes exactly the way you gave previous thought too. You identify whether it's positive or negative. Always something positive evolves from that which was negative and gives you peace of thought utter joy and happiness.
I just got laid! Leave it up to Hotshit's Law.
by Hotshit ow ow June 23, 2008
The essence of a Tall, Dark and Handsome, 6'3 man. Discovered when he was 18 his actions were reflective of his nature. He drives like a wild stallion with intense precision. People often refer his look to the Diablo. Women can't resist him and always look forward to just getting a glimpse at his superiority.
Owowow Hotshit! Look he's so Hot. Ohhh I want him so bad! OOOHHH DREAMY!
by Hotshit ow ow July 10, 2008