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7 definitions by Hotornot

The pursuit of physical and mental perfection.

Kung fu is used to take a chaotic mind and turn it into a flourishing garden of thought.

The physical side of Kung fu is what is seen on tv, its all people know about it because they are not worthy of its study until they realise it.

Kung fu comes in many many forms, it is not limited to a style, a style is somthing we make from kung fu.

Just because the styles available are what is on offer, does not mean that after you learn discipline in one style you cannot progress and create your own personal style based on what is essentially your most powerful stance, movement pattern, or technique.

Kung fu is misunderstood from its original intentions, purely because many heathens have gotten hold of it and are not following the rules associated with attaining and maintaining balance in thier lives.

Kung fu is not an excuse to pick fights, thought in this area is needed greatly because it is a fairly gentle art in most cases and this is misinterpreted.

The reason we are not shown what can be done by most kung fu masters is because of the nature of man and the overwhelming desire to do battle inherant within 'most' of us.

A dedicated passion for peace is what is needed to achieve control and perfection of the art.
Kung fu learner 'x' becomes gripped with what is in the movies.
He quickly loses control over the mental aspect through training only the body. this leads to very bad karma.

Kung fu learner 'Y' becomes gentle yet powerful and accurate through the correct path of 'mind first and foremost, body later' This leads to a very healthy lifestyle.
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
Kegs (UK)

1. Two or more beer bellies, (6 pack referes to toned)

2. Two or more beer barrels.

3. one pair of underwear.
1. Those belly kegs make you look like your going to fall face first you fat bastards.

2. Those beer kegs look heavy.

3. Those kegs look heavy, have you shit them?
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
A mis-take, in the play that is life.
Much like an error in a movie production.
I dropped my zig, shit I will try not to do that again, what a mis-take.
Stop cameras, take positions, restart the action. Take it from scratch.

Second chances are all we have.
Even though we sometimes do not want them because its too upsetting to keep acting.
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
Derogative term sometimes used by the oppressive to slander an individual who finds benefit in recycling.
A 'skiprat' walks past a skip at the side of the kerb.

He/she notices somthing they may find useful in thier everday life. For example a piece up ducting that can be used to vent the heat in thier PC by venting circulated airflow to the outside of thier home via a fan system.

Onlookers do not see the reasoning behind the percieved 'theft' of what is essentially a bit of rubbish that will be buried somewhere and add to landfills. So the game begins, the slander starts and the potential for violence in this situation is initiated.
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
'Dead cats foot'

The term used to describe the often dangerous, bacteria filled donner meat often found in your local takeaway.
It can be found rotating slowly on a vertical spit with a crispy burnt surface and a luke warm to room temp centre.
As we know, bacteria flourishes in room temp to medium heat.
'Hey mate, you comin' for a takeaway?'
'No You go, just get me dead cats foot and chips'
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
Competition, contest, fun escapade enjoyed whilst trying to win.

Games cease to become games when negative events, thoughts and/or actions appear evident.

Upon reaching this point we enter into the territory of war
I am gonna kick your ass on grand turismo.
Yeah, I would like to see you try.

X. (game)
I am gonna kick your ass on grand turismo.
Y. (game)
Yeah, I would like to see you try. :-)
X. (game)
really, you dumb shit, you could not drive a trycicle :-)

-Pathway decision

Y. (game)
Yeah yo' mum', lets play biatch ;-)

(incitement to war)
I am tired of you slandering my driving skillz, why dont you shut the hell up before I bitchslap you. :-(

The moment unhappiness is evident is the line between war and games.
Sometimes people dont see the unhappiness of the other side before it is evident via means of outward attack.

However if they are unhappy, they will not be smiling when they make thier joke. We need to be more aware of this if we are to end escalation to violence.
by Hotornot August 03, 2005
A person incapable of, or unwilling to socialise with other people. They will often spend an unnatural, possibly harmful amount of time in exclusion. Get a life you lonely hermit
Source: Cyrus, Jul 19, 2004

Also a word used to describe someone who does not like the same things they do, often they do not see the whole picture and assume the hermit is socially retarded, when in fact he/she may just like thier circle of friends but do not know anyone into what they like to do outside, they will go out on adventure with other people if they ask and it is somthing they may enjoy.
'Are you coming to the party next week'
'No I would rather stay in and watch a movie'
'Oh, you must not like me or the people I hang around with'
'No, not at all, I dont like 'everyone', but I just dont know most of them yet'
'Oh, right, do you want to come and race motocross with me in two months, I have loads of friends at the track'
'Yes absolutely, let me get some money together, I may not manage it, but I will try'
'Cool I know where you can pick up a cheap bike mate, my friends know the used bike market'
by Hotornot August 03, 2005