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3 definitions by Hotmess27

A group of gay asian men
The gasians make great geishas in drag
by hotmess27 August 25, 2009
1) A way to insult a guy in saying that he is so lame and fat, almost looking like a person size chode in male form. He also has to be cocky and horny but get no girls.

2) Can also be used as fat and ugly
1) He is so chodely, I have a hot snack everytime I see him because he is so ugly and fat! PLEASE DON'T DATE HIM!

2) Ew that sausage is so chodely looking!
by Hotmess27 September 12, 2009
A "tiny inch", a small movement
I only moved a tinch in that damn traffic!
by hotmess27 August 25, 2009