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pron. AH-SOL

A step on from SOL (which obv. stands for SMILE OUT LOUD which OBV. was invented by Hotmas and Steffue and no other fools). To A (pronounced AHH) SOL is to actually smile out loud as opposed to simply claiming to smile like ApeoplewhoclaimtosmilebutAdon't.

In fact, A (still pronounced AHH) can go before anything said to mean you are AHH-ctually doing it.
Hotmas is Aannoyed and Aalittledepressed at others who seem to already have defined things that are obv. Ahis. This is currently NOT causing him to ASOL.
by Hotmas February 04, 2008
Pron. "AH."

Capital "A" placed in front of a doing word to denote that it is "A"ctually being done.
Steffue: ...i just went to say hahahah
Hotmas: ...and accidentally moosed yourself?
Steffue: hahahahahha
Hotmas: haha, I just Alol'd. (I.e. Actually laughed out loud, not just typed it like some dumb shmuck).
by Hotmas February 04, 2008

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