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The hottest new underground sport, full of CRAZY, INTENSE ACTION. The goal is to stack as many rubber ducks atop each other as possible before your tower falls. Competitive duck stacking circles can be found in underground clubs if you know who to ask.
"Hey man, have you ever tried Duck Stacking?"

"Tried it!? Dude, I did a quadruple-helix megastack of 5 ducks, yesterday."

"Fuck you, man, you're full of shit."
by Hotels March 18, 2009
A very fun way to pass time with your friends and loved ones, but illegal in at least all countries.

1: Take a cooked corn cob
2: Use a syringe to remove the fluid from all the kernels
3: Replace fluid with urine
4: Throw urine-filled cob at an ambulance

Remember, the ambulance is the most important part. If pressed for time, the corn can be boiled in urine instead of having its fluid replaced manually, but this requires a large quantity of urine.
"Hey, Bob, you still getting refills on that Mountain Dew?"

"I sure am!"

"How's about we take that as an advantage to go piss corning with Larry, tonight?"

"Sounds just spiffy!"
by Hotels March 18, 2009

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