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A town of 25,000 in San Luis Obispo County, California. Life in Atascadero involves dealing with rednecks, soccer moms, and the city's gigantic, overbearing, and incompetent police force. The police typically like to imagine they're in Los Angeles, and compensate for the lack of real crime in the city by harassing teenagers and motorists. They also receive huge amounts of funding with which they buy new cars and automatic rifles, so the officers can feel like their jobs aren't worthless.
In Atascadero, soccer mom families typically move to expensive suburban-esque housing that borders rural land, and complain about dirtbike noise.
Rednecks in Atascadero are generally part of a rare redneck subculture- that is, wealthy rednecks. They typically have large plots of land, expensive trucks, and dirtbikes (typically boats, ATVs and Jetskis as well). They enjoy anything relating to beer and recreational motor vehicles.
"Shit. Atascadero only has like, 25,000 people in it. Why the fuck are there so many cops?"
by HotelFoxtrot May 17, 2006
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